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19 days and counting

19 days until Dimitri is back. Here. In the US. Woohoo! I’m so excited to have him back for good. Long distance marriage is not fun. I can think of at least two others who will be VERY excited to … Continue reading

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back home I go

What a wonderful 6 days I’ve had! I’m sad to leave, but so glad I was able to take this trip. I really love the mountains. And lakes. But mostly mountains. I really like hiking, and I forgot that until … Continue reading

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back to Big Moose

It’s been about ten years, but I finally made it back to Big Moose Lake! I’ve been lucky enough to visit this beautiful, serene lake in upstate New York 4 times since my first visit in the summer of 1993. … Continue reading

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come here often?

The grocery store is quite possibly one of my favorite places on earth.  Any grocery store.  I truly enjoy food shopping.  The only think I don’t love so much about food shopping are talkative employees.  I’m one of those shoppers … Continue reading

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day 2

Day 1 of BodyRock left me a shweaty mess.  Here’s the proof: That’s a big ‘ole sweat droplet on the date and “Round 1.”  I’m not about to put up a picture of my sweaty self, so hopefully that’s proof … Continue reading

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BodyRocking for 30 days

Have you ever checked out  If not, you should. Zuzana is a total bad ass in the fitness department.  I mean seriously…just look at her abs. I started doing BodyRock workouts when I was living in Italy.  I love … Continue reading

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I Belong in the Zoo!

My parents planned to take my sister’s kids to Zoo Atlanta on Saturday, and I was very happy to be able to tag along.  Show me an animal or two and I’m a happy girl.  Speaking of an animal or … Continue reading

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