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Florence Memories

So I have to admit…watching the season premier of Jersey Shore actually made me a little weepy.  I was able to look past all of the hair gel and bronzer to see the beautiful city that I used to call … Continue reading

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roasted veggie quinoa with a little Mmmm on top

Last night I made dinner for the parentals.  Whenever it’s my turn to cook I tend to choose a vegetarian option.  Mom loves this…Dad is a he-man meat eater and usually mentions about 4 times that “it’s good, but it … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Lily & Tourney!

Since all of our pups are rescues we don’t actually know when they were born.  Dimitri found Lily in the fall of 2004 when she was just a few months old, so we decided that her birthday could be August … Continue reading

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living at home as an adult (possibly part 1 of many)

For the few months that Dimitri and I are apart we decided that it just made sense for me to stay with my parents.  It would just be silly to pay rent in two apartments in two countries…waste of money.  … Continue reading

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