Kiawah for the Weekend

Dimitri and Nick are in a tennis tournament on Kiawah Island this weekend, so of course I had to tag along. I’m not a tennis player, so I’ve had plenty of time to relax. I’ve been milking my relaxation time like crazy. Yesterday I actually fell back asleep in the morning and didn’t get back up until 9:50. That is seriously unheard of for me. Teaching has taught my body to wake up before 7 no matter what. Usually I can’t fall back asleep, but with no hungry pups to nudge me awake I’ve been able to snooze all I want.

For the past 2 days I’ve also been able to get outside to exercise without a single worry about time. I hate having to cut a workout short. I also hate rushing to get to a class at a certain time. Like most islands on the southeast coast, Kiawah has a run/walk/bike path that covers the whole island. Here are a few of the sights from my exercise escapades:





That’s Boone. He’s the mascot for the tennis crew this weekend. So flippin’ cute. When is a puppy not cute, though?!

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