Montana is for Moo Cows

So we’ve been in Montana for 16 days, and I can’t get enough of the cows.  I’m obsessed.  I’ve been told that I will “get used to the cows,” and I “won’t even notice them anymore”…but I don’t see that happening.  If you know me, you know I love animals.  If you REALLY know me, you know I love cows.  Always have, always will.  That’s why I don’t eat them.  I love them.  Cows are friends!  Not food!!  Yes…I have enjoyed a few steaks and/or burgers in the past, but that is the past.  Shhhh!!!  Don’t let the cows hear you.  They live close enough to trample me, or worse yet, gouge me.  Eeek!  Yes…there are longhorns on the property.  And they do NOT like it when you take their pictures.  Case in point:


Does he look happy?  He was just chillin’ in the afternoon sun until I came along with my camera.  Of course, this was the 15th or 16th picture I had taken of him…he had probably had enough.  He didn’t even let his guard down when I conceded and drove away:


Ahhh!  I did manage to get some pictures of some much sweeter cows…and a few babes!  I’ll let the photos do the talking for the rest of this post.






Ok, so he’s not actually a cow, but he does have the right coloring.  He also loves to eat grass.  I mean…he’s making a serious “get away from me” cow face…let’s just call him a little cow for now 😉

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